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Bryan, originally from Co. Fermanagh, first went into missionary work in January 1977 just before his 21st birthday. Beginning in Communist Europe, smuggling Bibles for four years, he has worked on every habitable continent since then. He was leading a team of pioneer church planters with YWAM in the Dominican Republic (DR) at the end of the 80s when he met his wife to be, Amarilis. Ami, as she is fondly known by LCF, was the first Dominican to join YWAM as Bryan established the mission in the DR in 1988. Falling in love, and finally marrying in December 1990, Bryan handed over the reins of the work to Kent Norell, who still leads YWAM DR.

After one year 'out' in YWAM's N Africa base ("to cheer up the wife he had taken" Deut xxiv 5) Bryan and Ami heard the Lord lead them to begin a work among the Saharawi people. However, as Alexandra was 'on the way', they returned first to Ireland for her arrival in January 1992 and then headed to the Canaries in May that year to begin that work.

Jessica arrived in the Canaries in 1993, and in 1995 the family returned for furlough to N Ireland and for a King's Kids outreach in which the children also participated. LCF had been working in Morocco for several years on short term trips, with Bryan and others, and in W Sahara, and that year LCF made an adoptive link with the Thompson family and took them on as missionaries supported by the fellowship. Vania was the final member of the family to appear on the scene, born in Las Palmas in 1996.

In December 2005 the Thompsons returned to Ireland for "family reasons" and have been based here ever since. On a pilgrimage for their first two years, living in 7 different houses, the family finally settled in a long-term rental in Waringstown, where they now live.

With a long-term missions calling, and not sensing a desire to leave the "mission field" whilst home, Bryan and Ami pursued the founding of story4all as a voice to the Body of Christ to consider reaching the 85% of this world who are oral learners - people who cannot, or prefer not to, read.  story4all podcast and web site was established to inform and mobilise missionaries, pastors, those who train them, and others, to engage oral communicators relevantly, as Jesus did, and in a way that they can and do process information, through Bible story with discussion.

LCF, through its members, helped Bryan and Ami establish the ministry with office and sound equipment for story4all (still in use today), and with Yvette Wilkinson joining Bryan as co-host for the first four years of weekly shows. The first podcast was published to the web in May 2006, and has gone out every Tuesday since that time.

The Lord gave Bryan a word that he would be training people within a year of founding story4all, and in 2007 he led a church residential weekend, fast followed by a YWAM Manhattan DTS training week on storytelling, and so forth. It pretty soon became apparent that things were getting out of control with requests for training, and so, rather than reinvent the (training!) wheel, Bryan looked at the ministries he was interviewing for the podcast and decided that Simply the Story (STS) was the best all round training ministry with its focus on biblical accuracy and depth in the Word and in discussion, and, by its ability to be applied to any ministry situation.

In September 2008 Bryan was trained in STS in Texas and Ami was trained the following Spring in Belfast. They both led their first workshop in the Amazon in 2009, aided by their children.  Since September 2008 Bryan has led one or more STS training workshops in 9 countries on 4 continents and in 5 USA states. His most recent trip to Egypt and Ukraine was a return trip to both lands, and part of an overall STS strategy of passing on, and multiplication of, training skills to local believers in their homelands and regions. Bryan is currently the STS director for Europe.

Both Bryan and Ami expect to head out from the UK to live overseas at some point in the future in order to fulfil a long-term geographical calling in the Middle East, and/or to pursue a possible long-term placement among the Afars of NE Africa in the interim.